Rav Zarruvo by Bob Greenwade 2: Kash by Roger Mills >

Translated by: Bob Greenwade
Yo_ jo^n+ wo^gr+a\nggho\n dzu_ bvo_z ‘a/ yo_ za\l ‘i\bva/’‘a\ng, yo_m vho_w wo^
‘a/ dla\z’u/ng dza_gho\l za\wo^, myu\ndho\’ dzu_ lo_w’u_l+. Yo_ zho\r| ra/
vha/zh r+o\md+a^r+ wo^dzo\g vo_wo^’a\ng, r+a_v, “Nga\ri/ n+yu\ng! Yo_
vla\rngo_l+ na_ vo_r+o\m dla/m l+o_m li/.”
Yo_ ro_n ‘i\bva/’‘a\ng vo/l wo^ ‘a/ r+a_v, “Dlo/y za\na_ yo_ mo_r|’u/ng r+o\m
Yo_ vla/’ wo^gr+a\nggho\n, “Vla/’a\dh? Vla/do:zh wo^?”
Yo_ r+a_v wo^’a\ng, “Dzu_ glo\m, yo_ ma/za\l ro\bv wo/vya/’a\ng va/’wa\’
Smooth translation:
A physician is walking on the road and sees a woman, barely conscious and with
her legs cut off, lying in a ditch. He approaches, hoping to help her, saying,
“Don’t fear! I’ll make sure that you receive help.”
The woman looks at him and said, “My husband truly needs your help.”
The physician asks, “Why? Where is he?”
She answers, “He’s at home, raising our three adolescent daughters.”
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Glossary/mini dictionary
v Zarruvo glossary
‘a/ and
‘a\dh cause, reason
‘a\ng female
‘i\b person
‘u_l+ length [have length]
‘u/ng augmented [be augmented], intense [be intense], severe [be severe]
bvo_z path, road, trail
d+a^r+ incomplete [be incomplete]
dho\’ complete, finish, succeed
dla/m add, give
dla\z cut
dlo/y spouse
do:zh location, place
dza_ plural (for two)
dzo\g male
dzu_ at (oblique noun case marker)
gho\l leg
gho\n alive [be alive], live
glo\m dwelling, home, house
gr+a\ng chore [do a chore], labor, task [do a task], work
jo^n+ walk (stroll)
li/ second person sentient pronoun
l+o_m for
lo_w hole, opening, orifice
ma/ parent
mo_r| need, require
myu\n lie down
na_ first person sentient pronoun
nga\ no, non, not [negative mood marker]
ngo_l+ effect, result
ngyo\ genitive noun case marker
n+yu\ng fear
ra/ because
r+a_v speak (in normal tones)
ri/ do [imperative mood marker]
ro\bv three
r+o\m aid, assist, help
ro_n look
va/’ adult
vha/zh hopefully [hopeful mood marker]
vho_w alert [be alert], aware [be aware], watch
vla/’ ask, query, question
vla\r confident [be confident]
vo_ accusative noun case marker
vo/l to (oblique noun case marker)
vya/ child, offspring
wa\’ new, young
wo/ plural (for “a few,” usually three to seven)
wo^ third person obviative sentient pronoun
yo_ yes [definite mood marker]
yo_m sort of, barely [mitigative mood marker]
za\- possessive noun case marker
za_l act, deed, performance
za\l see
zho\r| approach, come
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