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Translated by: Jim Thain
Dul sino da sai an valedda okurli nostel sai gerada magoli fuar.
Dul tokoilo du gerada “Ar mompo am nostel du an sinaika banri.”
Dul tokoilo du bipa “Ar tiggo rar du sinaika.”
Dul tokoilo du gerada “Ar turono du saik dabini du an terka nineri.”
Dul tokoilo du bipa “Oim kerat terka?”
Dul tokoilo du gerada “Ar empo abbur oir sai lonka medi our ar sino abbur lem da
an terka.
Ken sino oir dufankonga  sikurosta elnantan el sikutonga din dul vaulpo
Dul tokoilo du bipa “Oim ar mamo onnur sai ilpa men lufenta anduri?
Ar mompo amam bipa ar sino rar okurli dur, gap Ar mamo men dolen onnur rar.
Smooth translation:
This is a funny story about a very clever dragon.

Said the dragon “I think about the whole universe.”

Said the bird “thou understands the universe.”

Said the dragon “The brave one sees the secret mountain.”

Said the bird “what mountain?”

Said the dragon “We stand at a hard place as we are on the mountain.

Someone is embarrassed because of something they are not wearing”

Said the bird “They want a fight over long clothes?

I think that is funny, and they want you over there”
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Glossary/mini dictionary
abbur				pronoun 1st pl.			we
am				pronoun 1st sing.		I
amam				emphatic pronoun		I
an				accusative marker
anduri				adjective			long
ar				imperfective marker
banri				adjective 			whole
bipa				noun 				bird
da				demonstrative: 			this
dabini				adjective 			brave
din				negative particle		no, not
dolen				demonstrative pronoun		yonder
du				article				the
dufankonga			verbal noun			embarrassing
dul				perfective marker
dur				demonstrative pronoun		that
el				preposition			of
elnanta	n			adverb				of reason (because)
empo				verb				stand
fuar				adverb				very
gap				conjunction			and
gerada				noun				dragon
ilpa				noun				fight
ken				progressive aspect
kerat 				interrogative pronoun		what
lan				preposition			for
lem				preposition			on
lonka				noun				place
lufenta				noun				clothes
magoli				adjective 			clever
mamo				verb				to want
medi				adjective			hard
men				preposition			over
mompo				verb				think
nineri				adjective 			secret
nostel				preposition			about
oim 				question particle
oir				preposition			at
okurli				adjective			funny
onnur				pronoun 3rd Pl.			they
our				conjunction			as
rar				pronoun 2nd sing.		thou
sai				article				a/an
saik				indefinite pronoun 		one
sikurosta			indefinite pronoun		some person
sikutonga			indefinite pronoun		some thing
sino				verb copula			is/be
sinaika				noun				universe
terka				noun				mountain 
tiggo				verb				understand
tokoilo				verb				say
turono				verb				see
valedda				noun				story
vaulpo				verb				to dress, wear (clothing)
Grammar notes
Kadda Andela is a VSO language

modifiers generally follow what they modify, though there can be exceptions.

particles precede the verb (they are noted in the word list) 

there are also particle that precede the noun,  articles and case mostly.

It should be easy to parse the text from the word list.

the verbal noun is used mostly in progressive constructions.

Kadda Andela doesn’t use any intonation to differentiate questions from
statements so a question particle comes before the phrase.

Watch for the emphatic pronoun it is just a reduplication of the regular

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