< 9: Khangaþyagon by Pete Bleackley Sajem Tan by Daniel Swanson

Translated by: Daniel Swanson
vulc molmdinah zanum dac con Idalotos om keh con Shammadi om keh con Madauli om.
zoahzheh sesuhtumsun du sesuhtthnu.
con Idalotos omvmeh molmvithitvmeh dulmxhet mamvakultnoc zanum con Shinadel om.
kizik vanuk tulvmyzamfmyvuhkum shulk zlo duhdenthuhfamtulvmyzam fmyvuhkumjahk
con Shammadi omvmeh molmvithit zanum con Senetos om. sazycfeh zlo keh con
Shinadel om gafnulmfeh zlo. zlo zakukmunfeh zlo.
thikit tuhn xulmdulkult thnelk kafmym datdin kafmym thnelk kafmym con Shinadel
om nelnolkfeh zlo keh zlo gulslimfeh molt zlo. "duhdenthuhfamtulvmyzam
tulvmyzamfmyvuhkfeh sin zhu." zenukmunfeh con Senetos om.
smah "gygikxeht vmat seh keh kygykfeh jit seh" tanfeh con Shinadel om. thnelk
seln gyvnamxeht fenatzhehgygik cifmezenfeh tanso keh "tulvmyzamfmyvuhknoc sno du
fenatzhehgygik kygykfeh sin zhu." tanfeh zlo.
con Madauli omvmeh molmvithit zanum con Idewan om. con Shinadel omthot nashelt
vmat zlo keh con Shammadi om seln slingynmonkahm sazycfeh zlo dulm con Senetos
om slinfehjahk.
"con Shinadel omo seh nasheltnocfeh sin zhu" sesultfeh con Idewan om. vynitnoc
con Shinadel omthot du cesikah znolcfeh thethat keh datdinvmeh kanolt
zmetukmunfeh zlo keh thneduhtximulcfeh zlo.
con Idewan omkahm zanfeh con Shinadel om keh zlo sazycfenatnavnyczhutfeh
molmvithit keh theln datfeh zloah.
du zult con Idewan omvmeh dinmun kafmym dinum [xanan zhejuln] zloah.
Smooth translation:
Idalotos, Shammadi, and Madauli are tribehomes. This song sings about them.
Shinadel was the young daughter of the leader of the tribe of Idalotos. She
could weave normal grass in order to make gold cloth by magic.
Senetos was the leader of the tribe of Shammadi. He traveled and he stole
Shinadel. He locked her up.
He hid Shinadel in a far, strong room in a tall house and did not feed her.
"Weave gold cloth!" Senetos demanded.
But Shinadel said "I am hungry and I must eat." Someone brought raw meat into
the room and said "When the weaving is done, you may eat."
Idewan was the leader of the tribe of Madauli. He was in love with Shinadel and
he went to Shammadi with an army to fight old Senetos.
"Marry me, Shinadel!" shouted Idewan. The wind brought these words to the
waiting Shinadel and she unbuilt the tower door and escaped.
Shinadel was with Idewan and the tribeleader pulled her onto his horse and they
swiftly departed.
After that time, they lived happily in Idewan's castle.
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