Smooth translations of Relay no. 6½

Mike Ellis


You gentlemen who think it is your mission,
To rid the world of the seven evil crimes,
Should first sort out the basic matter of food.
Then start your preaching, it begins from there.

You crowd who preach restraint and mind your waist as well,
Should learn for once how the world is run.
It is no matter, how much you twist, or what kind of lies you speak,
Food is the first thing, morality follows.

So first make sure that the ones who are starving now,
Get proper portions, when we cut in.
What keeps mankind alive?

What keeps mankind alive?
The fact that millions every day are tortured,
Stifled, punshed, silenced and oppressed.
Mankind can stay alive, due to his genius,
Which keeps his humanity restrained.

So for once, you must try not to deny the fact:
Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts.