Smooth translations of ring N/X, #11: The Primordial Soup Relay

Irina Rempt


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Rob Haden


How to make little meat pies

Take white flour, oil, salt, and make dough with enough water. Put
away. Chop up cooked meat and put chopped onions, spices and a little
salt in it. Make dough balls as big as walnuts. Flatten them into
circles as big as a spread-out hand. Put a ball of meat mixture into
each circle. Cover one half over the other and stick together. Put
into the oven and bake until golden.
Eric W.


How to Make Meat-cakes

To make the dough, mix ordinary wheat, oil, and salt, and add water as
needed. Put aside the dough. Cut up some cooked meat and mix it with
onions, spices, and a bit of salt. Knead the dough into walnut-sized
balls, and then flatten them into circles with your hands. Put balls
of the meat on the circles. Fold them in half and cook them all in an
oven until golden.